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Vivienfang “My Girl” Sunglasses Review

Vivienfang “My Girl” Sunglasses Review

This is a review of how the Quay My Girl Sunglasses compare with Vivienfang My Girl Sunglasses.

Quay My Girl Sunglasses

quay my girl sunglasses

quay my girl sunglasses backI ordered this style, My Girl, from Quay Australia last year. I had been eyeing them for several months and finally worked up the courage to drop the money on them. True, $50 isn’t much to spend on sunglasses but I’m used to buying $2 to $5 sunglasses so this was a huge leap for me.

I ordered them off amazon and of course, I loved how they looked. Quickly, I was disappointed in them though and tried to ignore my disappointment because I had spent the money and I loved the look.

Here is what I didn’t love: they were hard to use in sunlight because they didn’t do a good job of blocking the sun. Also, while I driving, I would have a glare on the back side of the lens because of how they fit. Secondly, I was disappointed because they felt too big for my face. If I looked down, they slipped down. I had to be careful how I moved so they didn’t fall off. Both pretty major things when it comes to sunglasses!

So, after having them for around a year, I get in the car one day and an earpiece is missing! I don’t know how it broke or even where it is, but I was shocked that my $50 sunglasses broke after only a year with the same storage I use for my 7 other $2 pairs of sunglasses that have lasted me 3-4 years. It seemed like a slap in the face!

Vivienfang My Girl Sunglasses

I found these while pursuing Amazon for new Quay Sunglasses. I love their styles and had a birthday gift card that I thought would be perfect for a new pair.

As I looked and compared two different Quay styles, I came across the My Girl style by Vivienfang. The thing that caught my eye was the price difference and that they were polarized!

vivienfang my girl sunglasses

They were half the price of Quay and polarized!! I was skeptical, of course, but decided to take the risk and get them. Oh my goodness! I could not be more pleases with this brand!

As I said, I already knew I loved the style of them but I was so surprised at the quality of Vivienfang. It came in a cute baggie, then a box, then the sunglasses case, then even more wrapping. In comparison, the Quay came in a baggie and then in a sunglasses bag that you squeeze to open. Hardly a presentation and definitely not protective!

I pulled them out and instantly fell in love! The polarization helps so much. I can definitely use them as sunglasses now and not just for the style. The fit is phenomenal. They actually have adjustable nose pieces, if I needed. But, I didn’t even need to adjust it. I put them on and they fit like a glove! They also came with a keychain eyeglass screwdriver, a hologram to test the polarization and a cleaning cloth.

Quay came with the sunglasses and the case. Quality at its finest! (sarcasm)

Vivienfang’s are half the price of the Quay’s, they fit amazingly and I can actually see out of them! I have never heard of vivienfang before but I definitely will be buying my sunglasses from them.


I am still loving the Vivienfang. I feel like I am taking better care of them. I store them in the case and keep them separate from the other $2 sunglasses I have. I think this is because the others broke, but also because Vivienfang provided a much better sunglasses case than the Quay one.

I love how they look. I love how they fit my face, and best of all they do a great job blocking out the sun because they are polarized!

If you end up getting some Quay sunglasses or Vivienfang, let me know what you think in the comments or follow me on social media!


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