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Vivienfang “My Girl” Sunglasses Review

Vivienfang “My Girl” Sunglasses Review

This is a review of how the Quay My Girl Sunglasses compare with Vivienfang My Girl Sunglasses.

Quay My Girl Sunglasses

quay my girl sunglasses

quay my girl sunglasses backI ordered this style, My Girl, from Quay Australia last year. I had been eyeing them for several months and finally worked up the courage to drop the money on them. True, $50 isn’t much to spend on sunglasses but I’m used to buying $2 to $5 sunglasses so this was a huge leap for me.

I ordered them off amazon and of course, I loved how they looked. Quickly, I was disappointed in them though and tried to ignore my disappointment because I had spent the money and I loved the look.

Here is what I didn’t love: they were hard to use in sunlight because they didn’t do a good job of blocking the sun. Also, while I driving, I would have a glare on the back side of the lens because of how they fit. Secondly, I was disappointed because they felt too big for my face. If I looked down, they slipped down. I had to be careful how I moved so they didn’t fall off. Both pretty major things when it comes to sunglasses!

So, after having them for around a year, I get in the car one day and an earpiece is missing! I don’t know how it broke or even where it is, but I was shocked that my $50 sunglasses broke after only a year with the same storage I use for my 7 other $2 pairs of sunglasses that have lasted me 3-4 years. It seemed like a slap in the face!

Vivienfang My Girl Sunglasses

I found these while pursuing Amazon for new Quay Sunglasses. I love their styles and had a birthday gift card that I thought would be perfect for a new pair.

As I looked and compared two different Quay styles, I came across the My Girl style by Vivienfang. The thing that caught my eye was the price difference and that they were polarized!

vivienfang my girl sunglasses

They were half the price of Quay and polarized!! I was skeptical, of course, but decided to take the risk and get them. Oh my goodness! I could not be more pleases with this brand!

As I said, I already knew I loved the style of them but I was so surprised at the quality of Vivienfang. It came in a cute baggie, then a box, then the sunglasses case, then even more wrapping. In comparison, the Quay came in a baggie and then in a sunglasses bag that you squeeze to open. Hardly a presentation and definitely not protective!

I pulled them out and instantly fell in love! The polarization helps so much. I can definitely use them as sunglasses now and not just for the style. The fit is phenomenal. They actually have adjustable nose pieces, if I needed. But, I didn’t even need to adjust it. I put them on and they fit like a glove! They also came with a keychain eyeglass screwdriver, a hologram to test the polarization and a cleaning cloth.

Quay came with the sunglasses and the case. Quality at its finest! (sarcasm)

Vivienfang’s are half the price of the Quay’s, they fit amazingly and I can actually see out of them! I have never heard of vivienfang before but I definitely will be buying my sunglasses from them.


I am still loving the Vivienfang. I feel like I am taking better care of them. I store them in the case and keep them separate from the other $2 sunglasses I have. I think this is because the others broke, but also because Vivienfang provided a much better sunglasses case than the Quay one.

I love how they look. I love how they fit my face, and best of all they do a great job blocking out the sun because they are polarized!

If you end up getting some Quay sunglasses or Vivienfang, let me know what you think in the comments or follow me on social media!


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Top 9 Trending Clothes You Need This Spring In Your Closet

Top 9 Trending Clothes You Need This Spring In Your Closet

The spring has just started and so has your closet must-haves! There are a lot of trends happening, and I’ve combed through them to bring you this list of top 9 trending clothes you need this spring in your closet. Yes, there are only 9 trending clothes you need that you will be able to complete all your spring outfits with them. Check them out:

Top 9 Trending Clothes You Need This Spring

  1. Block Heels

These are a must have this season! I am seeing them everywhere, and I can’t wait to add them to my closet. They are chic and simple. You can easily pair them with all types of outfits, jeans, dresses or even rompers.

I know! You are like me and want to go buy some in every color. I haven’t added these to my closet yet, but they are definitely a must-have!

2. Lace Up Wedges

Another favorite this season is the lace-up wedges. You can wear these poolside, out for the weekend, or even everyday with jeans. That is the great thing about these 9 trending clothes items is that they are so versatile and will complete any outfit that you pair them with. Wedges are so easy and comfortable to walk in too, so you will have no problems with keeping these on your feet all night long!

Lace-up shoes are so sexy! They make me feel like a goddess whenever I have them on. I just want to show off my legs in them! You will too. 😉

3. Ripped Jeans

Number three on my top 9 trending clothes this spring are ripped jeans. I have a couple of different pairs of ripped jeans, as I am sure you do too. Pull them out and wear them because they are still on trend! I know you get the comments from your parents and grandparents that they will buy you pants that aren’t ripped. Ignore them! You look fly!

All types of washes and definitely black and white ripped jeans are the colors you want to add.

4. Moto Jeans

I am obsessed with Moto Jeans. They are like ripped jeans except your clothes aren’t torn! You have pants that have an element of design that was missing without them. My favorite colors for moto jeans are green and of course pink. Check them out and add them to your closet for this spring.

5. Off the Shoulder Tops

The latest trend for your tops and blouses is for them to be off the shoulder. Show some shoulder, show some skin. Super sexy! Who doesn’t love a sexy collarbone? Really easy to pair with skirts and jeans.

6. Rompers

These have been on the market for a couple of years, but they are really starting to take off in the style department. You can get a wide variety of styles of Rompers. Long or short, floral or plain, whatever you choose you will be on trend in a romper. Just let me know if you figure out an easy way to go to the bathroom whenever you wear one. 🙂

You will be wearing this for a weekend trip to the beach or a brunch with your friends! They are super comfy, too.

7. Maxi Dresses

It’s like resort wear took over the trends this spring for my top 9 trending clothes this spring to add to your closet. You will want to get your hands on a great casual and fancy maxi dress. They are the perfect item to pair with your block heels or wedges and head out for a date or to the movies with friends.


8. Tie Shorts & Tie Pants

Like I said the resort wear is taking over! Check out tie linen pants and shorts. They are a great spin on your traditional jeans and shorts. I think it is all about being comfortable, yet looking stylish and put together this spring. My favorite linen pants I’ve seen are from Vici Collection. Check them out here.

Other great tie pants and shorts are these:


9. Convertible Neckline Tops

Convertible tops aren’t just for nursing moms anymore! Now, they are making them for everyday wear. You can have the top be strapless or spaghetti strap depending on the top or long sleeve. They also combine the off the shoulder trend here. Great to pair with your ripped jeans for a fun night out. Or, just switch up the sleeves for a day to night wear.

Styling Them

So these are my top 9 trending clothes you need to add to your closet to be on trend this Spring. You can mix and match them with a wide variety of pieces to create unique and on-trend looks. I’m definitely looking to add them to my closet. What other trends have you seen this spring that you want to add to your closet? Comment below or connect with me on social media.

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Kate Spade New York Sale

Kate Spade New York Sale

Kate Spade New York Sale and the Items You Need this Spring!

kate spade new york sale

Kate Spade New York is having an awesome 30% off sale right now through February 19th. Have you heard about the Kate Spade Sale New York yet? Here are a few of my favorite items that you should check out during the sale.

Take an extra 30% off sale styles with code: SPARKLE. Valid through 2/19.

First of all, let’s talk about their awesome Dresses for this spring you need to add to your closet. Their clothing is so fresh and feminine you are sure to get a lot of use out of the clothes and accessories you buy during this sale.

These dresses are fun and flirty. They have a unique style that you can complement with a wide variety of accessories and are sure to get you noticed!

Here are a few of my favorite items for work or going out at night. They are dressy and have that extra touch you expect when you think Kate Spade.

Lastly, let’s not forget those purses and accessories that will be a hit this spring! They have touchscreen watches, gold bracelets and obviously a lot more for you to drool over! Did I mention this bow belt? Wow, So cute! I definitely need one of these for myself.


Which is your favorite Kate Spade Item for this spring? Are you planning on checking out the sale and getting some of the stuff you’ve been waiting on?

My favorite thing about the brand Kate Spade has built is that she relies on color, and prints and puts it together in an elegant and feminine way. She is known for that extra element on clothing and accessories. From her purse designs to her apparel and catwalk, she does it all. She is a regular feminine icon for women everywhere who want to, as she calls it, live vividly with individuality and radiant style.

Kate Spade Quote


As always there are some awesome calligraphy and art pieces that you can check out in our shop. Or contact us if you have a specific quote in mind you want to be done for your home!

Best Valentine’s Day Sales to check out this week!

Best Valentine’s Day Sales to check out this week!

Top Flash Sales This Week To Get You Ready for Valentine’s Day & In the Mood for New York Fashion Week

fashion sales

Who doesn’t love a sale? These Valentine’s Day sales will help you get your fashion fix during this year’s New York Fashion Week. Don’t just drool over the clothes this year, get your hands on top designers!

Here are some of the top retailers that are having sales this week:

Zimmermann Spring Dress

Barneys — They are having an Infinite Rewards Sale.

You get $25 Gift Card for Every $250 you spend, Plus

earn even more on purchases over $1000. Valid through 2/11. So hurry and head on over to Barneys now!

You know I love Zimmermann if you have seen my fashion illustrations. So while at Barneys be sure to check out their Zimmermann Collection. Here is a dress to get you started

Moda Operandi — Take an extra 20% off sale. Valid through 2/12.

Madewell — Enjoy 20% off select items for the Galentine’s event. Valid through 2/13.

Alice + Olivia — Take 50% off your purchase of $300+. Valid through 2/11. Old Navy

Old Navy — Take up to 30% off your order with code: HURRY. Plus with code: FREESHIP, get free shipping on orders over $25. Valid through 2/11.

Here is a cute spring top to get you ready to transition from this cold and dreary weather to warm comfy spring. But hurry! Sale ends tomorrow!

Boohoo — Take 40% off everything and get free shipping. Valid through 2/13.

Rag & Bone — Enjoy up to 50% off sale items.

Also, check out our shop for some great home decor items. We also offer custom pieces. Contact Us for details.


The Comfy Cardigan Sweater That Everyone Needs to Add to Their Wardrobe this Winter

The Comfy Cardigan Sweater That Everyone Needs to Add to Their Wardrobe this Winter

My Favorite Cardigan Styles

First of all, this Christmas I became obsessed with getting a comfy cardigan for myself. This came about because even though I have a ton of winter sweaters, I didn’t have one that comfy, casual and looked great! I have sweaters that are pullover hoodies, and work cardigans that are more formal. However, I did not have a casual cardigan for everyday wear.

This leads me to scour Pinterest pinning ideas for what I wanted it to look and feel like. Here are some of the sweaters I came across:

Cardigans and winter sweaters Best winter sweaters Abercrombie and Fitch

Click Images to be led to original source

These give you an idea of the style I was going for, and the feel; something cozy and something warm. So, I researched on Amazon and added a few cardigans to my wish list.

I did end up getting a great sweater from Amazon for Christmas, but it ended up not being exactly what I had expected. The material was comfortable and warm, but the fit was slightly off since I wasn’t able to try it on before I received it.

The Cardigan That Became My Winter Staple

The perfect one for me ended up being this one from target:

Mossimo Women's Open cardigan

Source: Mossimo Women’s Open Cardigan

It is my absolute favorite sweater I own right now. I practically wear it daily. It does stretch as I wear it, but a quick wash and dry does the trick to return it to the former size. The gray color is a nice combo match with a lot of my wardrobe, so I have no problems matching it with items. It also has beautiful detailing of stitches on both arms to differentiate itself from other cardigans. It is a style bloggers dream!

What is one of your favorite winter items you wear a lot? I know a lot of people’s go-to items are comfy sweatpants or comfy yoga pants. This has definitely become a staple cardigan for me. I’m already scouring Pinterest for my next staple item.

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