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What Keeps Me Busy and My Daily Routine

What Keeps Me Busy and My Daily Routine

The silence on my blog has been deafening. I have completely hit a brick wall with coming up with ideas for blog posts. I’m not going to lie. What will keep readers interested? What am I interested in writing? Apparently, lately, not much! I’ve been so busy and overall tired that it just seems more like a chore than something I will enjoy. So, it has definitely taken a back burner for me. I thought now was the perfect time to do a post about me and my daily routine. I want to connect with y’all and what better way than to give you a peek inside my day!

The Past Month

I’ve been so busy with my son lately. He has been quite the handful. Ever since January he has been having a hard time getting to sleep for naps. When he doesn’t nap, I don’t get as much time to do things that I want to or need to do, like writing for this blog. So that has been one thing that has me distracted lately.

In addition to that, by the end of the night, if I have been busy with my son all day, I end up just wanting to draw or needing to work on one of the jobs that I have. It gets tiring and I have a lot of spinning plates up in the air right now.

I definitely enjoy what I am doing but sometimes things don’t get the priority they need. Especially when I just feel like sleeping and not doing anything. (No, don’t worry I’m not depressed. Just hitting the third trimester hard.) Life just gets busy and overwhelming sometimes, you know?

My Jobs

I have several different jobs that I am working now. I really am enjoying all of them. My favorite is doing this blog and drawing stuff, but that is the least profitable. Other jobs that I work are as a social media manager, graphic designer, and stylist. I work as a contractor on all three of those jobs and love it!

I feel like I have created a great outlet for me professionally for all the things I want to do while being able to stay home with my son. As I said though, it is hard work to keep all the plates spinning especially when my son decides he doesn’t want to sleep.

A Day In the Life – My Daily Routine

What does a typical routine for the day look like for me?

I get up when my son does. He is my alarm clock. He wakes up anywhere from 7:30 am to 9 am. Some parents or moms feel like they should wake up before their children to start their day off right, I am definitely not one of those moms. We wake up and change his diaper then get him breakfast.

After the breakfast routine which can take an hour or so, depending on how he acts and how much he eats, we play some. He will play with his toys or watch a little bit of tv while playing. Then we start with a snack or lunch before we head to put him down for a nap. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it sure takes up my whole morning.

Side Note

I realized today alone I spent from 8 am to 10:45 am just feeding him and making him breakfast. He ate some cereal, then wanted a fruit cup, and still wasn’t full. So, I gave him some applesauce and made him some quick and easy muffins. It was quite the breakfast!

One little trick I’ve learned recently, that might help you if you have a bottomless pit like my son, is to grab the 87c muffin mixes at Walmart that you just add 1/2 a cup of milk to the mix. It is so easy to mix and throw in the oven. I get mini cupcake paper and the clean up is even easier. Great for grabbing on the go. 

As I mentioned, from January, his sleeping has not been in a routine. So, I have been working on getting him back in one by trying for naps at the same time every day. It has been getting better. If he naps, I will draw, work, or blog. He sleeps from 2 to 3 hours so I get a good deal done. If he doesn’t nap, some days I will fight him for a few hours trying to get him to sleep other days I will give up and just let him play or we will go out.

After he wakes from his nap, we will go out to see family or run some errands. Other days, we just play here around the house. There isn’t much time left before I start dinner. We have a nice family dinner and my husband takes over baby duty. He’ll get him ready for bed and down for the night. I will then clean some and head to do more work or drawing.

It is a nice balance of family life and work but some days can be exhausting when he doesn’t nap. Those days seem to be overwhelming with touch and attention that he needs. Though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Goals for the coming Months

So as you can see, I’m busy busy busy. The problem with a routine and children is that their internal schedules are constantly changing with their growth. Being flexible and adapting the routine as you go has been key for me since having my son.

For this blog, I think prepping and planning the content out will help with that. In the coming months, I would like to post more than I have been or at least get slightly more consistent. Also, continue to grow my social media and other jobs I have going. Drawing is my favorite thing to do, so I obviously won’t be giving that up!

Time sure does fly by when you are busy.

You can see what my goals are for this year in my blog post from earlier about my bucket list for this year. What are some of your goals and what does your typical day look like? How do you prioritize things you want to do versus things you need to do?