The Comfy Cardigan Sweater That Everyone Needs to Add to Their Wardrobe this Winter

My Favorite Cardigan Styles

First of all, this Christmas I became obsessed with getting a comfy cardigan for myself. This came about because even though I have a ton of winter sweaters, I didn’t have one that comfy, casual and looked great! I have sweaters that are pullover hoodies, and work cardigans that are more formal. However, I did not have a casual cardigan for everyday wear.

This leads me to scour Pinterest pinning ideas for what I wanted it to look and feel like. Here are some of the sweaters I came across:

Cardigans and winter sweaters Best winter sweaters Abercrombie and Fitch

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These give you an idea of the style I was going for, and the feel; something cozy and something warm. So, I researched on Amazon and added a few cardigans to my wish list.

I did end up getting a great sweater from Amazon for Christmas, but it ended up not being exactly what I had expected. The material was comfortable and warm, but the fit was slightly off since I wasn’t able to try it on before I received it.

The Cardigan That Became My Winter Staple

The perfect one for me ended up being this one from target:

Mossimo Women's Open cardigan

Source: Mossimo Women’s Open Cardigan

It is my absolute favorite sweater I own right now. I practically wear it daily. It does stretch as I wear it, but a quick wash and dry does the trick to return it to the former size. The gray color is a nice combo match with a lot of my wardrobe, so I have no problems matching it with items. It also has beautiful detailing of stitches on both arms to differentiate itself from other cardigans. It is a style bloggers dream!

What is one of your favorite winter items you wear a lot? I know a lot of people’s go-to items are comfy sweatpants or comfy yoga pants. This has definitely become a staple cardigan for me. I’m already scouring Pinterest for my next staple item.

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