Top 5 favorite books for boys ages 2 to 5

Part of our nightly routine is reading our three sons stories before we tuck them in their beds, kiss them, and turn off the lights. I have loved reading different stories to them over the past few years. We all had those stories or movies that are our go to for feeling good. It is comforting knowing how the story will end and still exciting to relive the adventure every time we experience it. Here is a list of just that, five stories my sons have wanted to relive over and over for months on end.

1. LIONHEART by Richard Collinridge

Follow the story of Richard, a little boy, in the whimsical fairy tale of running from monsters and overcoming his fear of monsters and the dark with the help of his stuffed animal Lionheart.

Why you and your sons will love it: Enchanting and captivating as Richard runs through a magical forest and plays with animals while being chased by his fears and monsters. In the end, he realizes the strength he has in his own heart and is able to overcome the fear once and for all.

2. Storybook Knight by Helen Doherty

Follow this tale of one of the bravest mouse knights you will ever read about. He uses his whits to overcome and enchant different mythical monsters he meets on a journey to face a dragon.

Why you and your sons will love it: the captivating illustrations enchant you as you go on an adventure to face a dragon and along the way you learn the power of books. As well as learning that to overcome the worst of things, sometimes you need to think outside the box and show everyone a different way of doing things. That you don’t have to conform to everyone’s views but be yourself and that will be enough.

3. Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

A funny little tale about a gloomy fish whom no one understands and everyone thinks should just be happy. He declares thoroughly that he cannot change because that’s just who he is only to be proven wrong by the act of one special fish in the end.

Why you and your sons will love it: Little boys live funny sounds and this one has them in it. Making funny faces and sounds as you travel through the story, you and your sons are sure to be giggling by the end of it.

4. Roadwork by Sally Sutton

A book about the ins and outs of constructing a road. This one is a fast read with funny rhyming words that boys everywhere will love. See how they ping bang and tap everything into place.

Why you and your sons will love it: If your sons love cars, he will love this book and seeing how roads are paved. Every time I read this, I ended up making it into more of a song because of how well the rhythms and songs move together. The boys love to read it again and again.

5. Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

Find out what happens in this fun little story about a rusty blue truck making its way through the country side. He enjoys the views and the animals only to be passed up by a big important truck.

Why you and your boys will love it: A car and animal book, your sons will love the sounds he hears through out the book and you’ll love the helping hand lesson he learns from this one. What better way to learn to stop and say hey to all the people you meet along the way? You never know when you will need just that friend to lend a hand!

Other books my sons and I really enjoy are:

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What are some of your favorites?

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