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CSI Logo Design

CSI Logo Design

logo design

Logo Design for a Home Inventory Service

This logo features the use of the client’s business initials to create a background image of a lock and key. Black and white were chosen to be straight forward and versatile for the clients needs. Presenting the brand identity as professional. Clean logo designs to utilize in all your branding needs.

B’s Baking Boutique

B’s Baking Boutique

Logo Design

Bakery Logo and Business Card Design

Designing business cards and logos doesn’t always have to be plain and straight forward. Sometimes you want to create colorful and eye-catching logo designs to stand out from the crowd. This colorful and fun logo reflects the lighthearted nature of the cooking and baking business. Color that can be integrated into baked goods that captivating audiences and their favorite foods. Incorporated into the logo, you can find baking utensils and the business cards feature a cake on a cake stand.

Colors and theme chosen by the client were red and green to resemble a watermelon. Other features of the busines

s card design include readability and elegance.

Bakery Packaging

Business Card Designs